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 BABYDOR.COM MOD #6 - P4 UPGRADE - 3/22/02

Alright, it's not a mod project, but Goddamn!  How can you not like doing a major overhaul of your PC?  A jump from a little P3-500mhz all the way up to a P4-1.8ghz, what's not to make you smile there?  So, present below are some pictures for your amusement (well, my amusement anyway).  There's nothing like the smell of new hardware in the morning.

The tiny P4 and the mammoth, stock HSF combo.
Quite the change from the Slot-1 CPU I'm ripping out.

The backside of the HSF and the top of the CPU.  Shiny and tiny...


Next up is the new motherboard.  A spiffy Asus P4S333.  Of course, 2 weeks after I buy it, Asus releases the P4S533, but we won't get annoyed.  Replacing my trustworth Asus P2B board that I've had for, oh...2 or 3 years with zero problems, I couldn't help but shoot for another Asus board.  Nice and shiny and not so bad for an overclocking board either.  And note the sheer amount of real estate available around the PCU socket...


It looks nice and neat now, but just wait 'til it has 50 various cables hanging off of it.

So, time for the components to meet...the stock HSF will have to do for now, a ThermalTake Volcano 7+ is probably in my future.  But, I'm too impatient to wait.  Oddly enough, a socket 478 chip works just about the same as the old ZIF Socket 1-7's...lift handle, align chip, lower handle...*poof*....then slap on the enourmous HSF (which only has a thermal transfer pad that I'll have to scrap off the P4 when I slap on the Volcano 7+ in favor of some Arctic Silver 3...but again, can one wait when new hardware is stairing you int he face).  The mounting clips and levers sure do apply quite some pressure to that poor P4...but hey, I hear the stock gear is good for overclocking this puppy up to 2.4ghz without even blinking...


The P4 in it's new home

The P4, crushed by 2 pounds of HSF

Kinda tall, ain't it?


Now how about some before and after pictures, to reminisce with.

Can you say:  messy?

You know, I remember when I used to think that Slot 1 was a cool concept.

I'm going to have to find that board a good's served me well.

And now the after pics...I might miss my P2B and P3-500...for a minute or two...

So neat...too bad I have to add cables to it. to fire it up and overclock the heck out of it.

I'm sure there's a few more mods to come...gonna want to overclock that poor Geforce2 card, grab a new HSF for the CPU...rounded cables would be nice...still have a cathode to hook up...and heck, why not another fan or two to cool the whole thing off...someone wanna buy me a RheoBus?

Updated 03/07/2004
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